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Danielle Vayis

I like that my problem is being measured objectively. Speech disfluencies that I wasn't even aware that I had are being treated seriously and given proper attention. I'm certain that I'll be seeing positive results as long as I continue the therapy sessions.

C.B./Feb 19, 2024

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Catherine Fox

So happy with this service, it’s been incredible

L.B./Feb 18, 2024

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Alyssa Gilman

Alyssa was wonderful! She was so great working with my son, and his comfort level. Plus she had a wealth of information! I learned a lot just from the initial evaluation, I’m excited to help support my son during his time with Alyssa!

J.A./Feb 17, 2024

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Elissa Killam

Elissa is amazing. My daughter learned so much so fast. She kept her engaged and my daughter looked forward to all her sessions. We are sad to leave, I’m so grateful to have found such a great speech therapist.

L.C./Feb 16, 2024

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Amber Blaylock

Amber knows what she's doing! Not only is she teaching me skills to work through my stutter, she helped me to unpack esteem and traumatic issues that are the results of my stutter.

T.H.L./Feb 14, 2024

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Jacqueline Bonnette

Ms. Jacquline is incredible overall. She is not only great with my son, she helps support us as a family. We are all always on the same page and my son is making amazing progress due to this!

A.B./Feb 9, 2024

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Cecilia Schwartz

We have an amazing therapist who challenges our son on the skills taught and she has so much compassion and listens and gives amazing feedback.

R.G./Feb 9, 2024

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Jacqueline Bonnette

Jacqueline consistently goes the extra mile to keep me challenged, motivated and to continue to keep my efforts progressively consistent. She instructs with a firm hand, but always from an encouraging position. She is always prepared with for my sessions with ample material to stimulate my interests.

K.E./Feb 8, 2024

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Madelyn Baltz

Madelyn is excellent, and we have seen lots of progress since she started working with our son. The platform is easy to use and we appreciate the reports and session reminders. Thank you!

F.S./Feb 7, 2024

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Sarah Polatov

Sarah is simply the best. She is so patient and kind during my toddler's bi-weekly sessions. Though we are only a few sessions into our therapy I do feel like my son is progressing and all the tools and activities are always spot on to our child's needs.

M.K./Feb 6, 2024

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Kelsey Stauffer

I came to Expressable with concerns on my son's development and looking for a baseline and tools. I received a team of thorough care providers that explained each step and gave us the tools and resources to discover what our son needed and where his development was at. Kelsey was detailed, knowledgeable, and related well. I felt like we were well cared for and given the most helpful honest and direct feedback. She gave me the know-how to understand the process and interpret the results.

C.P./Feb 2, 2024

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Andrea Inskip

I enjoy the engagement and support from Andrea for [my son]. It has yielded his ability to retain attention and gain new developmental skills regarding how to engage with others while playing. I’ve enjoyed his progression with communication during meal times. His ability to communicate what he wants and being able to explore words from the goTalk20 has helped him tremendously!

S.W./Feb 2, 2024

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