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Any age is the right age to start Expressable.

Children learn best from the people they love most—you! During your toddler’s sessions, you’ll learn simple, effective strategies to incorporate at home.

Join your child for fun, interactive virtual sessions, where you’ll learn tips from your speech therapist to easily apply throughout daily life.

Children can start to interact with their speech therapist more independently, but you’ll always be kept in the loop with home activities and updates.

Track your child’s progress and watch their communication soar.

Your child’s custom care plan includes goals that are measured each week as they get closer to graduation.

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More practice equals more progress.

That's why we give your child the tools and support to discover new learning moments wherever they go!

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Why thousands of kids and families love Expressable.

"She is a complete rockstar. Kind, funny, and really kept my toddler engaged. We couldn't wait for Tuesdays. Madelyn was professional and personal and we could see her genuine concern for our kiddo."
Madelyn Baltz, M.S., CCC-SLP
Madelyn worked with this client to improve her expressive language and intelligibility, helping her effectively communicate basic wants and needs.
"Inga gave me hope in a world of false diagnoses. She was beyond sweet and caring with my son. The screen did not make the session feel distant or dry, it felt very familiar and every week we looked forward to it."
Inga Hyatt, M.S., CCC-SLP
Inga helped this client improve their language abilities and increase vocabulary so he could express his wants and needs with ease.
"Robin is amazing! She has made my daughter feel comfortable throughout the entire process! She was always open to try new techniques and adjust the process to find what clicked with my daughter."
Robin Vincent, M.S., CCC-SLP
Robin helped this client improve their sound production and overall conversational speech.
"Andrea is phenomenal in facilitating the speech sessions with my son. She gives great insight on how to use various methods to communicate with him. He enjoys the sessions. My husband and I are glad to have this opportunity as a key component of our son’s development."
Andrea Inskip, M.S., CCC-SLP
Andrea helped this client with many language-building techniques like modeling words, using gestures, simple signs, and more to communicate his basic wants and needs.
"We had the most perfect therapist, Fabine. She was joyful, patient, encouraging and always enthusiastic. Our daughter quickly mastered the work and was discharged months earlier than we expected! We liked the twice a week format. It was clearly more beneficial than once a week, in person. Additionally, the homework helped us support her new sounds at home."
Fabine Leroy, M.S., CCC-SLP
Fabine helped this client reach age-appropriate sound production to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas.
"Arch is amazing with my son. She has really helped him with his speech and is so patient and caring. She has made speech fun for him, and he has made significant improvements since working with Arch. We are thankful for Arch and the excellent program Expressable offers."
Archana Ramanujam, M.A., CCC-SLP
Archana helped this client speak more clearly to reach communication milestones typical for his age.

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