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With W2 employment, guaranteed hours, and generous pay and benefits, we’re committed to making Expressable the best place you’ve ever worked.

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We’re changing the way speech therapy works by reimagining how care is delivered

Everyone should have access to speech therapy

Nearly half of people with a communication disorder don't have access to quality services. We believe that speech therapy enabled by technology has the promise to lower costs and remove access barriers so that more people can experience life-changing care.

Parents are key to improving outcomes

When practice happens at home, progress happens more quickly. At Expressable, we passionately believe that arming parents and caregivers with resources to promote at-home learning is the best way to improve the outcomes and experiences of those we serve.

SLPs deserve a better working experience

We’ve seen first-hand the frustrations SLPs experience in traditional care settings. That’s why we’re committed to making Expressable the best place you’ve ever worked - with W2 employment, competitive pay, flexibility, and an unmatched company culture.

Join a collaborative team where everyone has the freedom and support to make a meaningful impact

In addition to the lifestyle benefits of working fully remote, we’ve nurtured a thriving community of passionate SLPs looking to make a positive impact on the people they serve - and the industry as a whole. Through open communication, dedicated mentorship, opportunities to grow your skill set, and–hooray!–happy hours, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded SLPs you can lean on for support, camaraderie, and a good laugh. At Expressable, you’ll have the autonomy you need to deliver exceptional care, with a network of helping hands you can always count on.

Our therapists

"I am immensely grateful to be a part of the Expressable team. Expressable goes above and beyond to support and provide the best experience for its therapists and clients in every way. I am so grateful for the professional growth, support, and friendships that working for Expressable has brought and continues to bring me!"

Emma Feldmann


Our therapists

"This is honestly the happiest I’ve ever been as an SLP. I love Expressable for so many reasons, one of them being the lifelong friendships this job has given me."

Heather Gross


Our therapists

"If I had to choose one word to describe working at Expressable, my word would be ‘balance’. Expressable gives me the opportunity to find the work-life balance that is right for me. I also have balance in being able to share my knowledge as well as continuously learn from others in our team network.

Meaghan Kearns


Benefits of joining Expressable

Flexibility to fit your lifestyle

Provide care from the comfort of your home and on your schedule.

Salaried pay with guaranteed hours

Earn fantastic salary with guaranteed income doing what you love.

An active community

Join a vibrant and collaborative team of talented SLPs committed to transforming speech therapy.

W2 employment

Unlike many other providers, all of our SLPs are employees (not contractors). Don’t worry about a big tax bill every year!

Incredible benefits

Exceptional health, vision, and dental insurance, 401(k) match, and more.

Skill growth

Stay on the cutting edge of speech therapy while serving a variety of clients.

Speech therapy made easy

We provide our SLPs with the best HIPAA-compliant technology available.


Effective for all ages

Our platform will help you seamlessly video conference with clients and stay organized with progress notes.



Our proprietary platform is secure and we adhere to HIPAA/HIPAA BAA regulations, state laws, and ethical codes regarding client confidentiality.


Secure text messaging

We make it easy to communicate with clients using our secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging platform. Send text messages directly to your clients’ phones.

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