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Meet our founder, Leanne!

Leanne Sherred, M.S. CCC-SLP, is the President and Chief Clinical Officer of Expressable. But that’s a mouthful — you can just call her Leanne! As a speech-language pathologist, Leanne noticed that too many families struggled to access the care they needed. The traditional speech therapy model also made it challenging to help families practice their new skills at home and between sessions, which research has shown is the most effective way to make genuine progress. So Leanne decided to create a new model that would better support families and serve their children. Founded on research-based techniques and a family-first philosophy, Leanne and her team are dedicated to reimagining speech therapy that’s effective and accessible for all.

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Our Leadership Team

Nick Barbara
Ryan Hinojosa
Chief Product Officer
Spencer Magloff
Chief Marketing Officer
Ben Pincus
Chief Financial Officer
Amy VanStee
VP of Content & Marketing

Our therapists

"I previously was a school-based SLP for 18 years. I absolutely LOVE being able to now work 1-on-1 with my clients and work so closely with the families. It’s exactly what I’ve been longing for and so happy I landed at Expressable!"

Jamie Gentry


Our therapists

"This is honestly the happiest I’ve ever been as an SLP. I love Expressable for so many reasons, one of them being the lifelong friendships this job has given me."

Heather Gross


Our therapists

"Expressable cares about its SLPs just as much as its clients. As a new mom juggling home, life, and work, it was a dream to never feel like I had to choose work over my family. From camaraderie to continuing education, I love the culture here."

Venita Litvak


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