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How to Find a Speech Therapist that Accepts Medicaid

Medicaid is a government program designed to help low-income individuals and families pay for medical expenses, such as doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications. 

Eligibility for Medicaid varies by state. It’s based on factors like your income and household size. If you qualify for Medicaid, the program can help you get the healthcare you need without worrying about paying for it all yourself. 

How to find speech therapy covered by Medicaid

In many cases, Medicaid will cover speech therapy if it’s medically necessary and authorized. Wondering how you can find a speech therapist who accepts Medicaid? Try these tips:

Check Medicaid provider directories

Most Medicaid programs have online directories where you can search for healthcare providers. Try your state’s Medicaid website. You can also contact your local Medicaid agency to ask for a list of speech therapists who accept Medicaid in your area. 

Contact Medicaid managed care plans

Medicaid managed care plans usually have their own provider networks. This is a group of doctors, therapists, and other healthcare professionals that the plan contracts with to provide medical care to its members. If you are enrolled in a managed care plan, contact your plan’s member services department to ask about speech therapists that are in their network. 

Ask for referrals

Ask your primary care provider (PCP) or pediatrician for recommendations for speech therapists.

Consider online speech therapy

At Expressable, our mission is to expand access to high-quality speech therapy, so more children and adults can get the support they need to communicate clearly. We work with many different types of health plans, including Medicaid. You can learn more about our insurance and payment options here

Contact local speech therapy clinics

Ask clinics in your area if they accept Medicaid. If they don’t, they might be able to refer you to Medicaid speech therapy providers.

Look at online directories and resources

Online directors like Zocdoc and Healthgrades allow you to search for providers based on the insurance they accept, including Medicaid. 

Contact your state or county health department

Often, your local health department can help you find Medicaid-approved speech therapists in your local area.

Try support groups and online forums

People with similar concerns about speech and language problems often join Facebook groups or other community forums. This is a great place to ask for recommendations for Medicaid speech therapy providers.

How Medicaid covers speech therapy

Once you have found a speech therapist, be sure to confirm that they accept Medicaid! It’s also important to know that in order for Medicaid to cover speech therapy, there are some requirements. They can vary by plan or state, but they often include documentation or approvals, such as:

  • A referral for speech therapy from your assigned primary care provider (PCP)

  • A plan of care from your speech therapist signed by your PCP

  • Authorization from your Medicaid plan

At Expressable, our team handles a lot of these requirements for you, so you can focus on your speech therapy without extra hassles. 

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