Noora Raad


Covington, Kentucky

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About me

Hi! I'm Noora. I received my graduate degree in speech-language pathology in 2021 from Texas State University. When I was in high school, a family friend repeatedly told my mom that I should look in to the career of speech pathology. She constantly said that my love and empathy for others would serve me well in this field. I had a passion for math and entertained the engineering route, but I didn't feel fulfilled. I took the intro to communication disorders course and fell head over heels. The combination of psychology, neurology, some math, and a whole lot of interpersonal skills pulled me in. I found that my love for children and child development could be used to help individuals communicate so they have the opportunity to pursue their own dreams. I have experience working in pediatric private practice and a pediatric hospital. I completed the SOS approach to feeding training and the PROMPT Technique Workshop. I would describe my clinical style as holistic, client-centered, functional, individualized/personalized, family-centric, routines-based, strengths-based, and rooted in client empowerment by creating self-advocates.

Practice details and specialties

states licensed to practice



languages spoken


Education and training

M.S., Texas State University

B.S., University of Texas at Austin


Adult Articulation

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Early Language Development

Pediatric Articulation/Phonological Disorder

Pediatric Dysphagia/Sensory Feeding

Pediatric Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder

Pediatric/Adolescent Social-Pragmatics

Professional/Public Speaking

Adult Social-Pragmatics


Tongue Thrust

Sensory Feeding

Pediatric Mixed Language

Other interests

My interests and hobbies outside of speech-language pathology involve spending lots of time with family and friends, traveling, shopping, and finding ways to make speech and language resources more accessible to Arabic speakers!

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